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Bain Apartments Co-op is one of the most beautiful and interesting communities in Toronto. With 260 townhouse-style units influenced by the English Garden City Movement to include abundant green space, it is very much a “village” within the city. The Bain has a rich history, with construction beginning in 1913, but became a housing co-operative in 1977.

The people who live in the Bain Co-op come from many different backgrounds: families with kids, single people and single parents, new Canadians, professionals and working people, seniors, people with disabilities, students, and many others. At the Bain, we have a chance to learn how others live and to promote acceptance, understanding, and caring for people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

The Bain is centrally located near parks, schools, and shops in Riverdale. It is a peaceful complex full of nature and run by its members.


The Bain Apartments Co-operative Inc., located in the Riverdale area of Toronto, provides affordable housing to mixed income people. The Co-op offers homes with security of tenure in a beautiful natural setting, and is committed to fostering co-operation and empowerment through learning how to operate democratically.


We recognize that our historic buildings and beautiful property are resources which must be tended wisely if they are to continue to serve our evolving needs and those of future residents. To that end, in the mid-1980’s, the members committed to rehabilitate the entire property.


The Co-op is democratically run by the members of the community, who elect committees and the Residents’ Council (our Board of Directors) at General Meetings. Decisions affecting the community are also made at General Meetings and at the Annual General Meeting. Residents’ Council provides overall management, while operations are carried out by staff under the General Manager and by the volunteer membership.

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Welcome to the Bain Community Centre

The Bain Community Centre is an affordable alternative for non-profit or for-profit activities and events. Our Community Centre is conveniently located within walking distance from both the Broadview and Chester stations and can also be accessed from the Broadview and Gerrard streetcars. Street parking is also available. The Bain Community Centre is a great space with a meeting room that has lots of windows for natural lighting, washrooms and a fully operational kitchen.

The Bain Community Centre has been booked for:

Local Coffee House – Open Mic Yoga and Meditation Classes –  Children’s Activities –  Private parties for all occasions – Cultural Events – Music and Dance Rehearsals – Political and Office Conferences – Plays or Rehearsals – Creative Arts Workshops – Great space for artists – Wedding Receptions and so much more.

If you are interested in saving money and need a great space for your event, book with us, the Bain Community Centre. Give us a call at 416-466-2186 x 101 today or email [email protected]!

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